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Magnesium benefits

How can you benefit by getting more magnesium? These are just a few of the benefits of improving your magnesium status:

Reduces muscle cramping, including restless legs and menstrual cramps
Improves sleep

Very helpful in reducing symptoms of PMS including bloating, mood swings and breast tenderness

Widely helpful for headaches and even migraines

A key part of any hormone-balancing protocol, because magnesium helps balance the other minerals and hormones in the body

As an anti-stress agent in the body, it often promotes a sense of peace and wellbeing. It is very helpful in depression and anxiety.

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Watch out for products and supplements that are only pushed because of a personal profit by the person that’s recommending them. The first thing you want to ask is would this person want you to take this if they weren’t getting a kick back from it.

That’s one reason why I don’t trust the people in GNC , they will change the “best” product on the market every week depending on the commission structure/promo that’s going.

Another question you want to think about is if the product and price readily available without going through a special avenue.

And the last thing about supplements, make sure you go sites like or Muscle & Strength before you purchase anything because they have reviews, feedback and message boards on the majority of the used products on the market and if the product you are looking for isn’t on there you may want to rethink getting it

Don’t be scared to get with a nutritionist and compare the ingredients side by side before you purchase them. The fact labels are online and I would highly recommend that because most supplements contain more than one thing in it that can save you money from purchasing individual items. Supplements are not cheap at all and I’ve wasted tons of money trying out things that weren’t good.

At the end of the day go with whatever works for you and your body chemistry. Supplements are not necessary If you are eating properly and being active but they do spend up and enhance the process. I’ll be posting my supplements later this afternoon for those that are curious of what my new stack will be after 7 months off from training and taking no supplements

Phil Heath Classic 2013

I’m sitting here at the Phil Heath Classic bodybuilding, physique and bikini national qualifier event and it has really pushed me more. Phil Heath is a really down to earth guy and has no problem giving feedback and joking around. I wasn’t aware that be played college ball prior to lifting a weight in a serious matter besides basketball conditioning.

The Pre judging has finished and next up is the finals at 6:30 tonight which will be cool because Phil Heath is going to pose which is an awesome thing to experience with him being the 2x and current Mr Olympia. I’ve never thought about doing shows or anything but after this it has pushed my passion of training to look into it. I’ve already gave up liquor and fried foods, now I have to get disciplined on my meals and pump up these muscles to see what kind of transformation I can get

The change up

I’ve always been active in sports and did a small amount of lifting but never fully got into the fitness world. I’ve never been consistent with my training days nor have I ever been on a disciplined diet. I still was drinking and smoking cigars. So I’ve never fully committed to my fitness health

With that being said as of yesterday I’m changing it up and going to go full throttle at it for a couple months. No more drinking, cigars and hookah for me. That also means that I won’t be having a celebratory drink on my birthday in April which is fine by me. It’s not like I’ve never had a drink and missing anything but not doing. I really want to make some changes to my physique and have to give up the poisons to achieve that. It will only make better in the long run.

So today I’m going to purchase so Tupperware to store my meals in so I can eat right will I’m at work and find someone with a SAMs or Costco card to load up on some food to cook in bulk ahead of time since I have a fridge and microwave at work to store and warm my foods.

You have to change yourself if you want anything to change. You can NOT remain the same when you have goals to obtain


For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. (Romans 8:18 ESV)


Leg Day


Leg day i


Leg day is hands down my least favorite day. I can never walk down the stairs afterwards. I either walk down them like I’m doing the whopple or I take the elevator. Here’s the workout though
-Squats 15 drop set 135 lbs
A drop set is pretty tough, that’s why I did lightweight. I did 15 reps, rest, 14 reps, rest, 13 reps, rest, etc until I get down to 1 rep. Lets just say I could barely do the one by itself.

-Leg press 5 x5 630 lbs

-Calf press 5 χ 20 810 lbs

-Leg curls 10 ladder set 90 lbs
A ladder set is similar to the drop set but the huge difference is when I get down to 1 rep I have to climb back up the ladder and build back up to 10

-Hip press 3 x 10 135 lbs

Now I’m sitting around waiting for the Zumba class to get out so I can do my AB circuit then hit the sauna..

Happy training and stay Powered by pain to reach your pleasure point