London Olympics 2012



Every Olympics year I look forward to the track games. The first year I started playing them was when the Olympics were in Sydney in 2000, and me, Mike, Ed and Tim used to be up playing it on dreamcast getting ready for our track meets the next morning.

This years game is better in graphics and online play but I don’t agree with the button scheme. I like the button scheme on Sydney the best. Beijing button scheme was ok but I would prefer if sega but an update out that made the game more like the demo when the sprints were based off of button speed and be able to customize the controls. If I could use X and B in the 100,200 and 400 and just pound it out against other peoples button speed the game would be flawless. The javelin are the best event on the game hands down in my opinion.

so sega if you are reading this please change the buttons in the sprints. The demo is better than the official game in that aspect.


iPhone Apps

Bored at work and I’m trying to figure out what apps are the most useful for me. The apps in the pic are the ones I pretty much use everyday. What apps do you find yourself constantly on draining your battery? Maybe I’m missing out on something.