I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.
Michael Jordan


MJ vs Kobe vs Lebron at 28

People are falling to realize that Kobe is 6 years older than Lebron so all those total career accolades mean nothing because lebron will surpass him. Ok Kobe has more rings than Lebron had at 28 but Lebron has the same amount as MJ had 28.  Everyone says Lebron has more points because he didnt have to share the ball as much as Kobe at 28 but Lebron has more assist then Kobe at 28. All i can see is hatred for Lebron. The reason MJ and Kobe dont give him credit is because the already know that he will top them and as elite competitors no one likes to know they have someone about to surpass them at the top. Anyone that has held a record or been great at something has been upset once that record was gone and their name is an after breathe when speaking on that topic. For example i had a couple track records in high school and was the talk to be the next up and coming hurdler until my bro Edmund Graham III came the year after me and erased everything I had done

At the Age of 28 this is How the 3 line up but remember they were at different years in their respective careers

Bryant 11th Year

James 10th Year (Still in Progess)

Jordan 8th Year


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My take on the Lebron Kobe comparison at the age of 28

For all the Kobe fans trying to compare his success to Lebron at the same age are blind. Kobe went to a championship contender(53-29 the year prior to him) with a Shaq in his prime and arguable the greatest coach of all time. Was also a number 13 pick compared to Lebron being number 1 pick and everyone knows number 1 picks go to the most garbage team(17-65 the year prior to him). If Kobe went to Charlotte and would have never had those blockbuster trades he most likely wouldn’t be a topic today because those wins and rings wouldn’t be there.

I’m going to post Kobe rookie roster, the roster kobe would have been on without the trade his rookie year and Lebron rookie season. After looking at them tell me if you truly believe Kobe’s success would be as praised.




Phil Heath Classic 2013

I’m sitting here at the Phil Heath Classic bodybuilding, physique and bikini national qualifier event and it has really pushed me more. Phil Heath is a really down to earth guy and has no problem giving feedback and joking around. I wasn’t aware that be played college ball prior to lifting a weight in a serious matter besides basketball conditioning.

The Pre judging has finished and next up is the finals at 6:30 tonight which will be cool because Phil Heath is going to pose which is an awesome thing to experience with him being the 2x and current Mr Olympia. I’ve never thought about doing shows or anything but after this it has pushed my passion of training to look into it. I’ve already gave up liquor and fried foods, now I have to get disciplined on my meals and pump up these muscles to see what kind of transformation I can get

Born 2 Run by T Armour

Check the official song dedicated to the Jamaican Sprinters competing in the London 2012 Olympics. Its a Documentary out called Born 2 Run geared towards if Jamaicans are born to run with their recent take over in the sprints across the years over the last couple years.

Artist – T Amour