Change of Blog Name

Starting today I will be posting my first blog under the change of  my blog name. I going to be called it the “The Gentleman’s Corner”. My blog will adding some new dimensions to it. I will still be all over the place with topics but my post will be anything from Posting sermons, bible scriptures, daily breads,music, fashion, drinks and cigars that I like, life lessons that I’ve been through on the lines of sex, relationships, and career moves. Oh YEA and ladies. Yall know I spend a my free time in Dreams. LOL.
















I just wanted to turn my blog up a little more and actually use it more than I have in the past. I will be bringing in people I know to add in their views on topics and featuring individuals that I are just driven to make the most out the opportunities they were given.

So feel free to hit me up about whatever. And be ready for a mix of whatever is going through my mind because I have no filter and only God can judge me so I’m not worried how Im viewed after posting these things

Over And Out-Marcus