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Good Day!

First I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking a small moment out of your life to check out my Blog. I will give you a quick Disclaimer, “I AM HUMAN” I say that because I dont want anyone to think Im this perfect Saint or a Sinner. I make mistakes, I listen to gospel and I listen to rap. I read the Word and I read Adult Novels. I do have the occasional Drink and smoke Cigars from time to time. I say all those things to let you know that This blog will be All over the place.. The thoughts that go through my head are very random and triggered by all types of things.

I am on social sites but if you dont personally know me you wont get the username. I’ve came to the observation that our generation is wrapped up more in the worlds issues than our own and mentally younger than our parents generation (depending on when your parents were born. My parents were born in the 50s). When my parents were 27-28 they were in their careers, married and doing family oriented things unlike the generation now thats still in the streets, looking for a quick dollar and not a consistent one and messing around with whom ever they can get some action or advance from and I’m not about that life and being involved in the social sites will get in that life, or at least thinking about it.. And being a 29 year old male thats educated and desiring to build a solid foundation and family i think its in my best interest not to take social sites serious and just use it for entertainment when im not dealing with my priorities.

To Give you a little Background about myself. The name Mo’ came from the Glory Days also known as High School. I made this name up after I figured out I was pretty popular and decent in Sports. Mo’ stands for Marvelous One, LOL, yes I was full of myself at the young tender age of 14..

I attended College at Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN where I studied Communications and Psychology. I was a member of the Track and Field Team and A 2006 initiate of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc Alpha Theta Chapter.

“The Moment does not choose the Man, The Man chooses the Moment”

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XBox Live: ImPoweredByPain

Favorite Book: Maintenance Man

Inspiration Song: Praise Is What I Do



2 thoughts on “About Me : Photos and Info

  1. Thank you Marcus for writing this blog, for the daily bread book and for being sensitive to GOD’s spirit. I opened the book right to this scripture Psalms 46:10 …be still and know that I am God. That is absolutely what I needed there are a few ares of my personal life where I was ready to make a certain move because my flesh had become tired. But God used a friend of mine who is not even saved to minister to me and remind me that I am on the right path and I should not be weary in well doing but I should stay where I am and keep allowing my spirit to be purified. Then there is the work situation that has been on going for a while. I got so upset today that I had to remove myself from the floor and go sit in my car. As i sat there, I began to cry ~~ and vent my frustrations to God. In the midst of that, I began to pray and there was a calmness I experienced. Then I came back into the bldg and sat at my desk and I was ok until my sup brought the issue back up again and the anxiety and stress came back to me. As I prepared to leave for the day, I spoke to you and expressed how I was feeling which is something I never do, if it’s negative, but you immediately caught it and responded. And I do appreciate that.
    The word is what I needed in that moment and I got it.

    There was also another quote that stood out to me. “Without rest, we cannot be spiritually or physically healthy. God heals while we rest”

    That statement is so true on so many levels. My prayer is that God teaches me how to rest. … How to rest on the promises he’s given me and the prophesies He’s spoken to me. Also that he teaches me how to literally rest – how to sit myself down somewhere and get some rest and sleep for once in my life, and not to allow stress and anxiety to rule my mental state.

    I will stop talking now. Lol. Marcus, thank you again.

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