Maybe its just me, What do you think?

The cost of an Olympic Gold medal from London 2012 games is $700, which isnt much at all and could probably be purchased and owned by almost anyone with a job. But the honor, pride and respect you get for training hard and beating everyone in the world to become the best and earn that Olympic Gold medal is priceless. And if you don’t get it you have to wait 4 years to try again.

So Would you have more pride and respect for yourself if you purchased a championshop trophy or dedicated yourself and worked hard to earn a championship trophy? Im pretty sure its the second one, so why would you feel like the man if you purchased a woman’s attention, and women why would you think its ok to be purchased and not earned??


2 thoughts on “Maybe its just me, What do you think?

  1. Copied from my Instagram screenshot on this post

    jazzybellastar: Ok so I read it…and I totally agree with what you’re saying as far as earning someone’s love vs. buying it. And although buying someone’s love can seem very tainted it has been the American way for many many years. So much that once a man reaches a certain economic status he feels as is he should have the best when it comes to his partner, and sad to say “the best” usually has nothing to do with her level of education or her place in the corporate world, but more so on her looks! Most times the “buying of love”is done not only to impress the girl but more so her friends & family so they can encourage her that he’s the one. Which means he “wins” the girl and he’s the best man for the girl! In his mind he has earned this woman buy working hard & being financially stable. So courtship & marriage has been treated like a business in this way for years. And just how many Olympians work hard to win the medal, society teaches our man if you work hard you can get the pretty girl that many men would prefer. I could go one & one but it boils down to competition, most men who buy women are very competitive! 21min

    poweredbypain: @jazzybellastar ill chalk it up to most men that buy women couldn’t women before they had money, bad sexually and lack content so they use the money, trips and material things to make up for the major areas that they fall short in to mask the fact they don’t have it. If all these guys they are buying these women woke up broke with no chance of recovering those women would disappear because the money is what kept them locked in 16min

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