Night Cap


Today has been a long but good day. Spent the majority of my day doing a system conversion at a new property in the Woodlands. It was pretty cool to be apart of. This property has never used the system that we work on so I was there for training and support. It makes me happy doing things like this because it gets my name and talents out more through out the company. I look forward to opening properties and training more people in the future. I actually will be training at my property for the next month which is cool because the person I’m currently training will be a rock star and move up quickly if she follows my lead. I only see greatness in her. And she will continue to make my name look good.

Im waiting on my driver so I’m going to end this entry because im dont feel like typing anymore. Lol. It’s time to listen to a sermon then zone out to the tunes in my iPhone

Have a Blessed night


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