Artificial Women

I want yall views from another status topic:

Do you think that Females that wear fake hair, fake nails, push up bras and makeup that make them look different than how they really look, deserve to be picky about things like fake purses?

I feel if they used to artificial things get them artificial things…. The reason i feel this way is because If i woman can settle to put artificial things on her body and walk around like it was naturally put on her by God. I feel that same woman should be ok with getting an artificial LV purse or a cubic zirconia ring. Im not going to put quality on someone that doesn’t demand quality from themselves..

Fortunately, I dont have to worry about that because i don’t deal with anyone that needs nor desire fake hair, fake nails, etc. to KNOW they look good.  And they can walk around natural, the way God made them it get just as much attention

At this age, MOST men are looking for our life long partner. And we as men are visual people and we dont want to fall in love with someone thats not really them. No dont get me wrong, its ok to wear a weave or fake nails as an accessory but NOT as an enhancement.

And how can someone want a real man and they are completely artificial?? Just a question i want answered


4 thoughts on “Artificial Women

  1. I gotta give it to you bro, I feel the same way. The sad thing is, that the trend amongst most women, is to add accesories to themselfs. Hair, nails, make-up…none of that stuff especially together, looks good outside of movies and television. I dont mind the occasional doll up every now and than, but theres gotta be a limit…

  2. I actually kinda agree and disagree. Me personally everything about me is real my hair,nails, and bags. However, if some females feel they need to wear weave that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve good things. It just means they weren’t naturally born with it so they’ll do what they need to to get the best physical appearance they can. So basically we all working wit what we go some ppl just gotta work harder

  3. Well said bro. Very interesting topic. I feel you in some regard and I also agree a little bit with Tiffany. A little womanly enhancements is not all that bad when its used in moderation. It all comes down to what you like.

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